Our SAT and ACT programs include:

  1. Pre-test
  2. Analysis of test to determine patterns of strength and weakness
  3. Individual plan to target student's desired score

SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test

Our SAT Tutors focus on content and strategies that will optimize test performance. Tutors work individually with students to improve their comfort with subject matter and problem solving skills in the three test areas: Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. Students will practice SAT-style questions with their tutor, maximizing the student's performance, comfort, and overall preparation for test day.

ACT - American College Testing

Our ACT tutors offer guidance in all ACT subject areas: Critical Reading, Mathematics, Writing, as well as Trigonometry, and Science. Specific ACT test-taking strategies will be used. While the SAT and ACT are similar in some respects, the tests are different and require disparate methods for optimal performance.