Our Summer Boost Programs will help your student prepare, gain confidence and have a head start going into the new school year.

We offer: Organizational and Study Skills

Students will learn tips and strategies to get organized and to manage tougher classes, homework and tests with ease. Learn more.


This program gives students the opportunity to fill gaps in their mathematical skills and pre-teaches them new material, giving them a head start into the new school year.

Writing Enrichment

Students will be guided through a step-by-step approach toward becoming independent, effective and eloquent writers. Learn more

Comprehensive Reading Program

We provide a one-on-one reading program that includes: Phonics instruction and practice, fluency activities and reading comprehension strategies. Children in this program become strong independent readers.

Summer Bridge Programs - First through Sixth Grade

First Class Tutors offers a summer program to help students bridge the school years, allowing a smooth transition from one grade to the next. Using California state standards, we offer curriculum that will review and reinforce what your child has learned his or her previous school year.  Once students achieve mastery of the previous year's material they will be introduced to curriculum that will give them a jump-start into the next grade level.