Some of the most brilliant, creative people are disorganized. Often the difference between an A and a B student is in their study and organizational skills. The brightest students sometimes receive lower grades due to their lack of organization and study skills, not lack of intelligence.

In order to help your student maximize his or her potential we offer an organizational and study skills program using each student's own binder, backpack, schoolwork, upcoming tests, etc.  Our experts will begin by getting your student's backpack and binder nice and neat. Next, they help the student prioritize his or her work and plan their agendas. Furthermore they will teach their students study skills, which enable them to work smarter not harder.

If your child is brilliant yet disorganized, he or she will most likely become a very successful adult who has a  secretary to keep him or her organized. In the mean time, our goal is to help give him or her every opportunity possible to put their best foot forward.

Summer Course

The Organizational and study skills class includes four, one-and-a-half hour sessions. It is taught by our director, Lori Johnston, an experienced elementary and middle school teacher. The class is held in the Woodbury area of Irvine. It is also offered one-on-one in your home.

Students will learn:
    1. Simple techniques for keeping their backpacks and binders organized.
    2. How to take smart notes.
    3. Time management.
    4. How to glean pertinent information from text.
    5. Memorization techniques to attain better retention.
    6. Test taking strategies.
    7. How to organize their writing.

The class will be interactive. We will create a mock classroom experience where students will practice taking notes and putting their papers in the correct place. We will also practice at-home study sessions where students will learn techniques for studying for Science and History exams. Students will leave the final day with their backpack and binder organized and ready to go for the school year.

Once school starts, we offer on going support to help students succeed throughout the school year.